WATCH: John Calipari dabs, goes 'YOLO' so DeMarcus Cousins can be an All-Star

Kentucky coach John Calipari is hip. And if you don’t believe it, just check his Twitter account.
Earlier in the week he posted a memo to his Twitter timeline detailing his hectic Sunday that included team lifts, a walkthrough, dinner, then catching the Steelers’ game vs. the Dolphins in the NFL Playoffs. He ended the tweet with the phrase “YOLO” in all caps. Short for “You Only Live Once.”

Team lifts at noon and then walkthrough and dinner tonight. I’m going to Mass, then to watch my Steelers! I’ll meet the team tonight. YOLO!
— John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari) January 8, 2017

Asked about the “YOLO” phrase in a press conference on Tuesday, Calipari deflected toward a Kentucky athletic member who apparently tweets from John Calipari’s account. “I said you only live once,” Cal said. But the athletics staffer was quick to point out the limitations of 140 characters on Twitter. The entire phrase didn’t fit. Thus, YOLO was reborn.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. Calipari is now up to speed on hip phrases (even if it’s from 2015). He hit the dab in a video he posted to Twitter, then casually dropped the “YOLO” phrase while sporting a “VOTE BOOGIE” pin around his neck to encourage fans to vote for his former player DeMarcus Cousins to play in the NBA All-Star Game.

As you can imagine, his daughters were thrilled to see it.

If Calipari’s dab and hip lingo wasn’t enough to inspire you to vote for Boogie in the NBA All-Star Game, Cousins added his own incentive: He claims he’ll drop his R&B album if fans vote him as a starter.
So hey, vote Boogie, or whatever. YOLO.

Source: General Sports