Michael Bennett on facing Falcons: 'I'd prefer to play against a terrible team'

If nothing else, Michael Bennett deserves credit for his refreshing honesty. While the Tom Bradys and Russell Wilsons of the NFL world have perfected the art of saying nothing, you can always rely on the Seahawks defensive end to give you a straight answer, even if he’s half-joking.

So when Bennett was asked about facing the red-hot Atlanta Falcons in the NFC divisional playoffs on Saturday, he was predictably, brutally frank.
“I prefer to play against a terrible team because it makes the game a lot easier,” he said, via the Tacoma News Tribune’s Gregg Bell.
Bennett was laughing when he said it — it’s funny because it’s true — but for all the “We’re happy to play whoever’s next on the schedule” bravado, no one in their right mind would prefer to be in the Seahawks’ predicament as opposed to, say, the Patriots, who have a home game against the Texans on Saturday.
And like the Patriots, who faced the Texans early in the 2016 season, this Seahawks-Falcons game will be a rematch of their mid-October get-together. In that game, Bennett hit Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan five times in two-plus quarters of work before he injured his knee on a cut block by offensive lineman Jake Matthews.
Bennett had arthroscopic knee surgery weeks later, missed five games, returned for the stretch run, and appears to be hitting his stride; he’s had a sack in each of his last three games, and despite his sunny disposition is no doubt looking to exact revenge this weekend.
“I don’t have many reasons to be angry these days,” Bennett said, smiling. This is a complete 180 from the Bennett we saw after the last game between these two teams.
“He just dove at my knee,” Bennett said at the time of Matthews. “This is the second week someone tried to take me out, man. To me, I think it’s a scary, (expletive) move, really, obviously. I think if you dive at somebody’s legs you are a little (soft). That’s all I know. If you are big in the NFL why don’t you just line up and play? Why do you got to cut somebody?”

Source: General Sports