Here's what Ben Roethlisberger thought of Dontari Poe's 'Bloated Tebow' TD pass

In Week 16, the Chiefs were dominating the Broncos 27-10 with less than two minutes to go. Instead of taking a knee or kicking a field goal, coach Andy Reid dug deep into the playbook and unveiled the 346-pound defensive tackle jump pass.
It’s somehow more insane than it sounds:

Afterward, Reid referred to it as a “Bloated Tebow Pass,” which is a pretty accurate description of what Tim Tebow used to do at the University of Florida.
Not everybody was crazy about the decision to run up the score with a Poe pass — former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said the play call showed a lack of sportsmanship — but one person who was impressed will also face Kansas City this Sunday in the playoffs.
“I saw the play,” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Wednesday, via “I was at home watching it. I mean this — I’m not trying to be facetious or be silly — I thought [it] was one of the more athletic things I’ve seen a big guy do. It’s obvious he’s going to run it in and then to jump … it looked like a cross between a pass and a basketball shot. You can just tell he’s athletic. I mean that. If you talk to him, tell him I think it was an awesome play.
“That was really cool to see. I love the big guys. I love my linemen. Any time you see a big guy make a play like that, it’s pretty cool.”
Agreed. Edwards also agreed — up to a point.
“When you do things like this, it’s fun for fans, it’s great — there’s another side to it as well. I just think that what comes around goes around,” Edwards said on Dec. 26. “People don’t forget. That’s what I know about the National Football League. … There are ways you do things, I think, and I wouldn’t have called the play at that point in time. But hey, Andy’s a great coach, he’s got a good football team … and what goes around, comes around, that’s what I do know.”
Meanwhile, it doesn’t sound like Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will spend a lot of time game-planning to stop Dontari Poe, quarterback.

Tomlin on Poe: I’m less concerned about his passing abilities than I am his run-stopping abilities #Steelers
— Dale Lolley (@dlolleyor) January 10, 2017

The Chiefs are 2.5-point favorites, but seven of eight experts are picking the Steelers to win.

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